Washi Tape - Bird Blocks 15mm
Washi Tape - Bird Blocks 15mm
Washi Tape - Bird Blocks 15mm
Washi Tape - Bird Blocks 15mm
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Washi Tape - Bird Blocks 15mm

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Washi tape, a staple must-have in the creative stationery studio, is used for bullet journals, adding an extra touch to an envelope, or the inside of a card. Washi tape, made from the inner bark of the gampi tree, has been used since the 8th century to make paper, making it eco-friendly and biodegradable. The light tack backing makes washi tape easy to reposition, ideal for artists who change their minds or want to add more of something here and there. Get creative, add some washi to your next creative paper project!

Bird Blocks are creative birds originally carved out of mini linocut blocks for printing. Find them on a tee shirt here.

Washi Tape is great for:

  • stationery
  • use over the seam line closure on envelopes
  • creating borders or frames in journals
  • adding to a bullet journal
  • use as page markers
  • add to the edges of your pages
  • cut out and use as stickers
  • personalize notes
  • cut into banner or ribbon shapes or add to scrapbook pages
  • decorate bookmarks
  • make gift tags special
  • add bling to small items like paperclips, plastic cases, and office supplies
  • use as a personal identification marker on studio items (like your favorite pen!)

Bird Blocks are 15mm by 10 meters per roll.