Freelance and Collaborations

Below highlights several of the crossover skills I've implemented in authorship, illustration, special project design, video, presentation, publication and more. Scroll down for information on skillset overviews.
Direct inquiries for project collaboration can be made by email at

Publications and Collaborations

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Freelance and Special Projects

I have had the great opportunity to use my crossover skills to illustrate and create designs, special projects, stickers, ornaments, coloring books, videos, programming, and presentations for organizations and private commissions. 

Illustrations for the City of Allen, TX, Plano Magazine, The Historic Downtown Association of Plano, Visit Plano, Countryman Press, the City of Southlake, TX and Hip & Hippie are some of the companies I have been commissioned.

Videos for Posh Coloring Studio, PBS, and my own YouTube channel have kept me active with video. 

Private and professional inspirational classes for Meditative Drawing and Coloring, creative tea tastings, aromatherapy education as well as formal presentations range from Spirited Women's group hosted by Medical City of Plano, Dallas Public Library, Allen Public Library, Allen Senior Center, Frisco Public Library, Little Elm Public Library, Richardson Public Library, and the City of Plano, Texas as well as a Senior coloring group in North Las Vegas, Nevada.


It is a true delight to say I am a best-selling international artist and author of nine books written to inspire others through art, nature, and a positive outlook on life. My books have been in the US, Canada, England, Poland, Russia, Romania, and Australia as well as numerous domestic and independent bookstores and even in airports! My coloring books have also been in The Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as in The Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

My books have been featured in the Allen Image magazine (where I was also on the cover in Feb 2016), the Dallas Morning News, numerous art blogs, Mantra Wellness Magazine, ACTV Spotlight and Mayo Minute, a video from the Mayo Clinic on the benefits of coloring. I have been interviewed by Rodale Wellness (Prevention Magazine/Women's Health Magazine), Shape Magazine, Experience Life Magazine, and written for Mantra Wellness Magazine.

Author pages: W.W. Norton

Countryman Press



I love to inspire and teach others to find their own creative style. I don't know if I'd say I was born to teach, but I am certainly an observer and intuitive; two gifts that tap into the fire of the heart, igniting the light of others. 

Fire provides warmth, inspiration, passion, illumination and mystery. Hence, I am here to "share (Cher) the fire" - light the light within - by just being myself (curious, curly and creative!), encouraging others to do and be the same. (I like to imagine inspiration twinkling as one candle lights another or as people gathering around a campfire, sharing the glow of the embers, each person gains from the moment).

Whether I am sharing about art, drawing, coloring, aromatherapy, nature, inspiration, tea and more (I am always learning and never stop with one subject believing that each step takes us to another) - the awe of life is a guiding beacon in my packed presentations and classes. 

I have taught in private homes, presented at hospital out-reach programs, been the key event for fund-raisers, as well as libraries, schools, and senior centers. I also participated as a panelist for a public forum on meditation and relaxation.

In addition, I have taught video classes for private groups across the United States as well as through free classes on YouTube. The videos were designed to make the viewer feel like they were in the room with me, talking directly to the participant, inviting them to join me in the topic of imagination, intrigue and creativity. i invite each person to be open to their own possibilities, be curious, breathe deeply, and have fun.


The videos began to include students from around the world participating in art exploration through coloring and meditative drawing books.

Quickly I was being requested for independent and commercial videos, including PBS, Posh Coloring Studio, and the proposed independent Make It Channel. My voice and approach have been commented on as being relaxing and soothing, sharing topics in an easy-to-understand manner. As time allows, I try to stay active with viewers by answering questions directly via comment dialogue on YouTube, encouraging them to explore and discover happiness through creativity.

The free video tutorials are easy to access through YouTube