Tuocha and Tazita Gift Box
Tuocha and Tazita Gift Box
Tuocha and Tazita Gift Box
Tuocha and Tazita Gift Box
Tuocha and Tazita Gift Box
Tuocha and Tazita Gift Box
Cher the Fire

Tuocha and Tazita Gift Box

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For the tea lover who creates moments of exquisite solo experiences and mindful connections. Mini tuocha dark tea coins or cakes are perfect for multiple steepings coupled with a personal stoneware-porcelain pottery tea bowl. 

Tazitas are high-fire stoneware-porcelain pottery handle-less bowls created to the specifications of the artist and have original artist designs. They are heirloom quality, meant to last with proper care, and are microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe. Tazitas are limited edition vessels. for more information on Tazitas, click here.

Tuocha Tea is a small domed, round tea ball, aka "bird nest" with dark fermented tea. Each is individually packed and meant to be steeped multiple times. Tuocha is best experienced gongfu style (made in a small lidded bowl, with short steepings and steeped many times, enjoying each steeping as an individual experience of the tea as it opens up). Instruction on how to make this tea can be found in this blog post.

The Tuocha and Tazita Gift Box includes:

  • Three Sticky Rice, Dark Tea Tuocha Coins/Cakes. Each tuocha coin, of dark, fermented tea leaves is specifically blended with an herb, called Nuo Mi Xiang Herb (Semnostachya Menglaensis) which has an aroma of sticky rice. Each tuocha is meant to be steeped multiple times. The flavor and aroma are earthy, grounded, and reminiscent of a walk in a forest after a rain, the soil and air are one with your body moving through the connection. This tea is for those who enjoy robust flavors as tea or for cooking.
  • Tasting notes: full-bodied, earthy, leather, terroir, forest floor, sticky rice, starch, smooth.
  • One Single Tazita. Tazitas are always sold in pairs, but as inventory is low, Cher the Fire wants to share with as many as we can to reach tea lovers. This set contains a single-serving individual Tazita (Not in a pair).

  • Choose from the following until sold out: Dove (black and white), Hummingbird** (pale blue and white - very limited quantity). 

  • *Also available SECONDS: Dove / Hummingbird** / Sun (SECONDS are imperfect designs with functionality intact). 

  • Linen Tea Towel. Your artist-designed 100% linen tea towel can also be used as a dinner napkin, or tablescape design enhancement to your tea time. Tea Towels are pre-assigned to their corresponding Tazita (see the pull-down choice menu in the white box).

Bonus inclusions:


No substitutions will be made in the tea gift box.  All sales are final. Please choose carefully and be aware SECONDS have Tazita image stamp quirks and personalities, with complete functions just as good as the originals. All tea towels are first-run designs (they are not Seconds - only the Tazitas are Seconds).

**The Hummingbird Tazita does NOT come with a cover plate (those are all sold out, Bummer, I know). Hummingbird SECONDS do have some bumpy flaws in the stamp and might leave you guessing if it's a hummingbird. Don't be shocked with your "SECONDS" hummer - it is a bit of a misfit - lol - I mean, full of personality after a night out on the town. Serious inquiries can request a picture before purchase if they are still available.

There are no returns. Please get in touch with Cher the Fire if you have any questions or concerns.