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NOTE: Tazita "Seconds" are high-quality stoneware pottery with slight imperfections in the cosmetic artist's stamp design with no loss of functional capabilities. Images shown are examples of full-price products. Actual shipments of Tazita Seconds will have a slight loss of design details on the stamp impressions.


Taza, means cup in Spanish, tazita means little cup. Tazitas are high-fire, stoneware, limited edition, sweet dove design mini cups or small bowls are multi-purpose, functional art.

Influenced by the small size used in tea ceremonies, the Sweet Dove Tazita includes a cover plate to be used as a side plate for snacks, as a cover face up for the Tazita, or can be used face down to trap condensation in the concave shape while making tea. Every culture with tea in their history uses a vessel that can be covered to hold heat, aromatic oils, spices, and herbal infusions while steeping. This Tazita brings this experience to you. 

Tea making is both a solitary ritual and a social one. In either case, togetherness is welcomed here.

These little Tazitas are "big things in small packages".  Tazitas are not limited to tea!

Just look at what they can do:

  • perfect "just one scoop"
  • handle-less tumbler
  • teacup (chawan)
  • espresso or cappuccino cup
  • sauce dipper
  • spice mixing bowl
  • spoonless soup sipper
  • nibble snack bowl
  • small bunch floral vase
  • jewelry keeper
  • home decor
  • condiments
  • single cupcake baker
  • custard cup
  • creme brulee
  • tea basket holder
  • sprinkles holder 
  • unique succulent holder
  • wasabi dish
  • perfect gift 
  • Color: Dove - black and bone white; Hummingbird - light blue with creamy white: Sun Flare - rusty red, golden honey, bone white
  • Sold in sets of 2, (2 cups, 2 cover plates), Limited Editions 
  • Size 1/2 cup / 118 ml. comfortably
  • Microwave, dishwasher, oven safe
  • Designed and Made locally in Texas, USA
  • Stoneware-porcelain mix clay is unique with its high fire creation, durable, heirloom, and museum quality, lasting generations with proper care, and perfect for special occasions.