Tazita Candles - limited edition
Tazita Candles - limited edition
Tazita Candles - limited edition
Tazita Candles - limited edition
Tazita Candles - limited edition
Tazita Candles - limited edition
Cher the Fire

Tazita Candles - limited edition

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These small high-fire, stoneware-porcelain, legacy heirloom-quality vessels are exactly what you need them to be, but they start as a candle!

Limited editions, sold individually, once they sell out, they will be gone!

Taza, means cup in Spanish, tazita means little cup. The design is an original from a published art print with the story of two birds meeting in spring after a long winter, combined with the small size used in tea ceremonies. Togetherness is welcomed here.

These little Tazitas are "big things in small packages".

These candles are 100% soy, unscented wax candles that glow with the warmth reminiscent of a dear friend and the light of a soft vanilla-colored glow. They were hand-poured by an international candle maker and body care professional and friend in the Dallas, Texas area. 

These candles are limited editions - I may not be making them again, so gift them while you can!

Once the wax burns, pop out cooled wax and clean them out with warm soapy water to remove the wick and soy-based wax (yes, it's that easy!) and use the clean Tazita for many things!

Just look at what they can do:

  • perfect "just one scoop"
  • handle-less tumbler
  • teacup (chawan)
  • espresso or cappuccino cup
  • sauce dipper
  • spice mixing bowl
  • spoonless soup sipper
  • nibble snack bowl
  • small bunch floral vase
  • jewelry keeper
  • home decor
  • condiments
  • single cupcake baker
  • custard cup
  • creme brulee
  • tea basket holder
  • sprinkles holder 
  • unique succulent holder
  • wasabi dish
  • perfect gift 
  • Sold individually, Limited editions 
  • Size 1/2 cup approx. / 118 ml. comfortably
  • Microwave, dishwasher, oven safe
  • Designed, made and poured locally in Texas, USA
  • Stoneware-porcelain mix clay is special with its high fire creation, it is durable, heirloom-quality, lasting generations, perfect for special occasions.
  • Color options :
  • River Rock holds the deep blue of a rain-filled ridge view river rushing over the rich browns of mountain rocks.
  • Mossy Branch is the combination of a touch of yellow ochre and teal mixed to create an incredible shiny green combined with the supportive earthy brown of a forest tree.