Holiday Gift Boxes

The Holiday Gift Boxes created by Cher the Fire are always hand-curated collections of items based on designs from Cher Kaufmann, and this year is no exception—a Southwest lovers gift box for the Chef and Artist.

Each Southwest Dream Gift Box contains an artist-designed Roadrunner and Saguaro multicolor apron, an oven mitt, two tea towels/ dinner napkins, and a hand-painted artisan wooden spoon created especially for these gift boxes.

The kitchen items are designed to last years - the ultimate gift you may not think about, but use every time you bake, take something out of the oven, or want to make a meal special with the neat napkins.

The Storyteller Spoons are magical canvases on a tool used for at least the last 3000 years. They are for decorative use only. Do not use with food. Display them, and add whimsy to your kitchen, wall, or display cabinets.